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Finding innovative potentials of bakery enzymes


Challenges in baking look for solution, innovation, and differentiation. Quality enzymes used as processing aid answer these challenges. Enzymes guarantee improved dough handling, process optimization, and cost-effective flour standardization.

Encrusted with the heritage-rich expertise of our partners, we have the enzymes to help you get the formula right: fresh and soft breads, crispy or chewy cookies, wafers and crackers with just the right bite.

We also tailor PRO-BAKE mixes for breads and confectioneries to suit your whim and taste. Specify what’s in your oven, your pantry choice of benefits and parameters, your process, your type of flour, and let our flour-dusted hands work for you. Both our single enzymes and PRO-BAKE mixes are designed for convenient and impeccable baking, never half-baked!

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