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Mixing tasty convenience, matching your aspirations


We are constantly challenged about the science of food technology, curious about the intricacy of food systems, and captivated by the artistry of food experiences. Thus our commitment and creation are endless. We keep expanding our portfolio as we keep hearing and anticipating your needs.

Our Endless Blends prove that we can mix and match convenience, innovation, solution, and so much more. The next time we add a new product, we are thinking of how to fill your plate and
stretch possibilities. Your Promax Account Manager will be delighted to collaborate with you on
your product aspirations.

Check out below our range of what we call Endless Blends:
PRO-WHIP, PRO-RICH, PRO-SAVOR, PRO-BAKE, PRO-GEL, and who knows what’s next?

Let’s keep creating endless possibilities.


In less than three minutes, you can turn Pro-Whip Instant Whipped Topping into a perfect whip. Dunk in water and whip, and you are ready to top, swirl, or slurp.

So easy to use, so pro-whip!


We have cocoa powder packed with rich cocoa goodness. We customize creamers which are stable in cold and hot mixes. Looking for milk replacers and instant high fat powder for ice cream and baked goods?

Craving for creamy and frothy beverage?

Pro-Rich fills your palette with rich, creamy, milky, chocolatey, foamy, and all the other manifestations of tasty. We mix whatever suits your version of yummy.


Cooking up an instant dish formulation? You will need creamers for instant soups and sauces. You will need high fat powder as the primary source of fat. You will need milk mix replacers with creaminess and aroma that are comparable to real milk. You will need instant, stable, and tasty tools for your culinary concoctions. Pro-Savor cooks up a lot of savor for instant dishes!

Pro-Savor also offers mixed and matched bursts of flavours and spices, all concocted to your taste.


We tailor Pro-Bake mixes to suit your whim, taste, and intricate baking challenges. Specify what’s in your oven, your pantry choice of benefits and parameters, your process, your type of flour, and we will put you in our flour-dusted and heritage-rich hands.

For soft and springy texture, tender and slightly moist bread, knead your dough with PRO-BAKE SPRING.

Fulfill your version of texture-yummy. Be it for crispy or chewy cookies, for crunchy wafers and crackers, drop some PRO-BAKE RIGHT BITE to make them sound and taste right with every bite.

Lace your batter with PRO-BAKE TREAT for soft, moist, elegant, and fresh cakes.


Imagine hydrocolloid systems binding together to support your viscosity, apprearance, and texture improvement needs. We have Tara Gum, HPMC, MC, and a lot of other tools we can mix and match for your customized Pro-Gel solution for hotdog, salami, and other processed meats; for salad dressing, catsup, jam, spread, and other sauces; for yoghurt, mousse, ice cream, and syrups. There are endless applications for versatile hydrocolloids.

What food winner are you creating today?